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Easy guide on products and making vape juice!


To best understand all the vaping products and what you would like to buy, it is essential to know how to make vaping liquid (a.k.a vape juice, e-juice or eliquid). You generally need 3 things and a couple of optional ones:

  1. Propylene glycol (PG)
  2. Vegetable glycerine (VG)
  3. Food grade flavor
  4. Nicotine (optional)
  5. Deionized water (optional)
Propylene Glycol (PG)

The thin part of e-juice. It is tasteless & odorless and can provide some throat hit. If you experience an allergic reaction to e-cigs perhaps PG is the culprit. PG is used in e-juice so to balance flavor and ease of absorption by the wick. Most typical e-juices aim for a 50-50 PG/VG ratio. When you buy a flavor, it helps to know if this is pre-steeped in PG or some PG/VG ratio solution. When you get to mixing your own juice or if you use Shake-and-Vape (flavors that are already pre-steeped so they can be vaped instantly after mix) you can buy just PG bottles.

Vegetable glycerin (VG)

Vegetable glycerin is the thick part of the e-juice. It is sweet and used in e-juices as it is the ingredient responsible for producing the smoke. It is not so easily absorbed by the wick and could be the reason for burning your coil – whenever that inevitably happens after some use. When you buy a flavor, it helps to know if this is pre-steeped in some PG/VG ratio solution. When you get to mixing your own juice you can buy just VG bottles.


A food grade flavor is added onto the PG/VG mix to give the flavor to vaping. The flavors may come pre-mixed in PG or VG or PG/VG solution. They may require steeping before vaping or, if classified as Shake-and-Vape they can be mixed and vaped immediately. Steeping is the soaking process within the PG/VG solution that slowly and uniformly extracts its flavour onto the solution molecules. If the flavor is not pre-steeped it may require over one week of steeping before being vaped (or else you might just taste the PG/VG as if not flavor has been added). Flavors can have a variety of additives and can be more natural or chemical. The intensity of the flavor is typically what determines the amount of the flavor solution we want to use for our final juice. Some flavors taste quite intensely and these for these we might add just 2-3ml per 100ml.

The tastes can be classified as “Fruity”, “Foody” or Tobacco. For example, strawberry-banana vape, crispy cream or Virginia tobacco. The latter is preferred especially from people that vape to help them reduce or quit smoking.


Nicotine is optional! Vapers that used to be smokers typically seek the nicotine sensation and throat hit in their e-juice. With vaping nicotine can be bought in liquid form typically suspended in PG in a given concentration e.g. 20mg/ml. Or it can be already part of an e-liquid at different concetrations from 2-3mg (simulating an extremely light cigarette) up to heavy nicotine at 24mg/ml. If you mix your own juice you can achieve any desired concetration by appropriately calculating the quantities for each substance used. Nicotine is toxic and addictive so when you handle nicotine you have to be very careful and responsible and keep it away children, pets or anyone that may be harmed. Symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, headaches, heart palpitations, trouble breathing, abdominal cramps, confusion, coma, fainting, increasing salivation, weakness or muscular twitching may occur. If you experience any of these symptoms seek immediate medical help by calling your local emergency number such as 911 or the United States Poison Control Center at 1(800)-222-1222, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

De-ionized Water

This is just purified water and can be used to adjust to desired concentrations, viscosity (thickness) and other desired attributes for the final juice – sometimes in relation to a target vaporizer.


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