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    Using this extract is easy. Follow these directions:

    Gently shake the bottle.

    Add 30 to 40 drops of CBD/hemp extract to a glass.

    Drink the extract from the glass.

    You can add the drops to any beverage you like, but it tastes great on its own.

    If you've never used CBD before, begin with a smaller dose. Everyones body is different, after all. You might experience the desired results with less CBD, or you might need more to achieve the same effect. Start with a small dosage and gradually add more drops until you feel the desired effects.

    There are no serious side effects associated with CBD. You can start or stop taking it at any time.

    Just a reminder: Do not take CBD products if you are currently pregnant or lactating. If you are on medication and/or suffering from a serious illness, consult with your physician before taking any dietary supplement like this. Keep all hemp-based products stored in a cool and dry place where children and pets cannot access them.

    Use everyday for a few weeks for the best results.

  • Ingredients :

    C02 Extraction for our Full Spectrum Raw CBD Hemp Oil and CO2 Extraction for our CBD isolate (with 2000+ mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce) Raw CBD Hemp Oil, CBD isolate, Colorado Local honey, and real terpenes

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CBD Oil 2000 mg

CBD Hemp Oil: How can it improve your life?

Our New CBD Hemp Oil has arrived!

We are is proud to announce the release of our brand-new CBD Hemp Oil. This product is changing the way that people manage their pains, every day. It tackles lower back discomfort, build-up of toxins in the body, headaches, restlessness, inflammation, and the aches and pains that simply come from aging.

This CBD oil is unlike anything you've seen before, as we have compiled a formulation including many ingredients that are known for being beneficial to human health. We use 2 types of Raw Hemp Oil to accomplish this. The Raw CBD Hemp Oil is the raw product and is full of cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. All of these cannabinoids help to work together in a complementery fashion to facilitate the best results. Both of these CBD hemp oils are locally-sourced. Both have a full spectrum of cannabinoids and test slightly higher in the lesser-known cannabinoids like CBN or CBC. We also use a local raw honey, and a unique formulation of terpenes to offer you the most well-rounded product to support you. We use other concentrates, too! CBD Isolate increases potency at a more affordable price. It contains an impressive 2000mg of CBD per bottle!

We have created this new, full-spectrum CBD Hemp Oil in order to make an effective and very affordable CBD Hemp Oil that will lasts for much longer. We no longer sell our 250mg bottle.

What does the CBD Hemp Oil taste like?

You will get a distinct, rich honey flavor at first notice. We've also added terpenes that will cling to your palate and ramp up the flavor a notch. It tastes great!

When you purchase this CBD Hemp Oil you are getting yourself a safe product that is Non-Psychoactive and offers users an organic, all-natural way of achieving relief.

We are an honest organization that want to provide the highest-quality of products for the lowest of possible prices. Sometimes, natural items may be harder to obtain due to the restriction the DEA, FDA and Congress put on CBD.

Shake the Product Well!

Hemp Extract

Directions: Take 10-15 drops orally twice a day. This can be applied under the tongue or added to a beverage of your choice.

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